30 x 24 cm
204 pages & 200 illustrations, Text
Art Paper Munken Polar Rough 150 g/m²
Price  54,00 €

This book is a beautifully curated collection of mystical and mesmerizing, monochrome images, giving an insight into a stunning visual journey of surreal landscapes and wildlife.

Thorsten Milse described this book as his visual logbook and a personal dream come true. It is easy to see why, as this striking portfolio offers a unique view of his photographic intuition and lifelong experience.

“In the book, which is focused on artistic nature photography, he dedicates himself to those regions of the world in which the color white characterizes the landscape”
“Magazin SCHWARZWEISS 159”

Publication ‘Survivor’, endangered species, cooperation with WWF-Germany.

Hardcover, 320 pages & 186 illustrations
27 x 33 cm, Text: German & English
Tecklenborg Verlag 978-3-944327-91-4
Enjoy outstanding wildlife photography while also helping to support the conservation work of the WWF as € 2 of the retail price are being donated to the organization.

Thorsten Milse has already published several worldwide successful coffee-table books.
His book Polar World was awarded with the ‘Best Nature Book’ at the International Photography Awards. Photo gallery here


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