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Thorsten Milse

Thorsten Milse is a world-renowned wildlife photographer with a particular focus on endangered species and wildlife conservation. With his work he aims to contribute to the protection of our planet and its incredible animal residents.

He has received countless awards, such as the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the Grand Prize at the American Nature Photo Competition, Best Reportage Photographer of the Year and European Nature Photographer to name just a few.

For licencing and cooperation please contact:

His photo essays have been published in magazines worldwide, such as GEO, Terra Mater, Stern, BBC Wildlife, National Geographic, Nature’s Best, Ranger Rick, Illustreret Videnskab, TERRA, SCHWARZWEISS and Terre Sauvage, to name just a few.
Extract GEO magazine here

Milse has travelled to many regions in every corner of the world where he photographed some of the most colourful and iconic species in their natural habitat.

His love for these magnificent, beautiful, charismatic, and last of their kind animals is what drives his photographic passion to capture these endangered species. His strong focus on conservation, lead him to collaborations with some of the world’s leading conservation organizations. The projects he supports include the Tiger protection project, the Global Arctic program/Polar World and the Snow Leopard Protection in Mongolia in collaboration with the WWF, as well as the Turtles and Lemur (LemurLove) projects in the Amazon Jungle and Madagascar.

In his book ‚Survivor‘ he portraits the uniqueness of our wilderness – nature’s treasures that need to be protected and preserved. The title ‚Survivor‘ was chosen deliberately, to bring awareness how the future of many animals and plants hangs by a thread. From lemurs to rhinos, from gorillas to polar bears – these extraordinary creatures are often true survivors. But there are limits to their ability to adapt to an ever changing environment. In his work, Milse repeatedly bears witness to one of the greatest tragedies of our time: the loss of biodiversity. With his expressive and breath taking images, he wants to show and bring an awareness to the fragile habitats in which the ‘survivors’ live and where they have found their niches in the ecosystem.


Thorsten Milse reports regularly on his expeditions, exhibitions, equipment and publications.

A Wildlife Haven in the South Atlantic

The Falkland Islands chain lies approximately 400 km off the coast of South America and has two main islands, east and west.

Madagascar, the Lost Island in the Ocean

Madagascar can be described as the forgotten island in the Indian Ocean. The region is not only very poor, but its flora and fauna are ...

The Tropical Lowland Rainforest from Borneo

The tropical rainforest of Borneo, the third largest island in the world, is threatened by the greed of the timber and palm oil industries.

For almost three decades, nature and wildlife photographer Thorsten Milse has been capturing the beauty of our planet with his camera. It is not his goal to chase after the best image, but rather to share his fascination for nature and wildlife, the ‘fascination of life’ on this planet.

You can find a full list of publications, projects and work below:

  • New Art book White Passion is coming out order
  • Special Falkland Islands & China Phototour
  • New unique phototours with DUMA Naturreisen
  • Azoren Islands Photo/Film Tour
  • New Cover Photo Story Penguins TERRA MATER magazine 
  • New unique phototours with DUMA Naturreisen
  • Assignment NGP Teutoburger Wald
  • Madagascar “up to North” Photo/Film expedition
  • Falkland Islands Photo/Film expedition
  • Relaunch new website
  • New cooperation Zoo- permanent exhibition & prints & seminars
  • Photo/Film expedition project Madagascar 2022
  • Photo/Film expedition Borneo 2022
  • Photo/Film expedition Congo 2022
  • Photo/Film expedition Patagonia 2022
  • National Wildlife Ranger Rick magazine Kangaroo Story
  • Open-Art Photo exhibition in Muenster All-weather Zoo, September 2021 – May 2022 „SURVIVOR-Bedrohte Arten“
  • “SURVIVOR” Westfälische Nachrichten here
  • “SURVIVOR” NaturFoto magazine here
  • “SURVIVOR” Exhibition & Book Allwetterzoo Münster here
  • Photography online Tagree presents “SURVIVOR” support Canon here
  • TERRA magazine cover photo story 14-pages “SURVIVOR” March 
  • WWF presents “SURVIVOR” here
  • Canon Germany presents “SURVIVOR” here
  • Open-Art Photo exhibition in Muenster All-weather Zoo, September 2021 – May 2022 „SURVIVOR“
  • „SURVIVOR-Bedrohte Arten“ coffee-table book with WWF – order here, making of book: here
  • Photo/Film expedition project Madagascar 2021
  • “SURVIVOR” German TV showing WDR here
  • “SURVIVOR” German TV showing Hamburg here
  • Open-Art Photo exhibition Hamburg overseas boulevard  April – September 2021 „SURVIVOR” movie exhibition here
  • “SURVIVOR” Hamburger Abendblatt Story here
  • Photo/Film expedition project Namibia/Skeleton Coast
  • Preview April 2021 „SURVIVOR-Bedrohte Arten“ – Open Art exhibition Hamburg, WWF & Canon
  • Making-of Open-Art Print „SURVIVOR-Bedrohte Arten“ Canon-imagePROGRAF, movie here
  • Russian Geographical Society Jury Photo Contest: here – „The most beautiful country“
  • Project „SURVIVOR“ -Bedrohte Arten- Interview here
  • Photo/Film expedition Project „SURVIVOR“ “African elephants” Kenya
  • NaturFoto magazine “SURVIVOR” Story
  • Terra Mater magazin Snow Leopard Story 2020
  • Photo/Film expedition Project „SURVIVOR“ Mahale Mountains NP
  • Photo/Film expedition Project „SURVIVOR“ Serengeti
  • Photo/Film expedition Project „SURVIVOR“ Greenland
  • Photo/Film expedition Project  Alps
  • Fotoworkshop Tierfotografie
  • Canon Fotoworkshop Tierfotografie Termin 29-30.8.2020
  • Canon Fotoworkshop Tierfotografie Internationalen Naturfototagen
  • Canon ’s new ultimate model Project „SURVIVOR“ EOS-1D X Mark III some experience: here


  • Canon Stavanger Norway Foto Messe presentation „Madagascar“
  • Canon Education Storytelling “Grafische” in Vienna/Austria
  • Canon Academy Workshop Meer auf Helgoland
  • Canon Academy Workshop Alpen am Großglockner
  • Photo/Film expedition Project „SURVIVOR“ to Brazil/Pantanal
  • Canon Education Storytelling Photo & Medienforum Kiel
  • Photo/Film expedition Project „SURVIVOR“ Kamtschatka/Russia
  • Canon Tier-Fotoworkshop with fstopgear-Wildbark Poing
  • Fürstenfelder Naturfototage
  • Vortrag „Wildes Südamerika“ Fürstenfelder Naturfototage
  • Canon Tier-Fotoworkshop Fürstenfelder Naturfototage
  • Canon Education Storytelling Beuth-University Berlin
  • Botswana Photo/Film Expedition Project „SURVIVOR“ Okavango Delta
  • Congo Photo/Film Expedition Project „SURVIVOR“ Mountain gorilla-Chimpanzee
  • Canon Nordic presentation Madagascar Scandinavian Photo Oslo
  • Canon Foto magazine review new telephoto lens Canon EF600mm f/4L IS USM III
  • fstop photo story Behind the camera, Madagascar
  • Canon DACH Education Students-Gestalterei Berlin „Canon Pro Print 1000 Story“
  • Canon DACH Education Students-Gestalterei Berlin „Story wildlife“
  • Wizje Natury Festival Canon Poland presentation „Madagascar“ and „EOS R“
  • Canon DACH Education FHM students seminar „Story wildlife“
  • Photokina Presentation by Canon Ambassador Spotlight stage
  • Photokina Presentation Canon CPS Lounge „MADAGASCAR“ & EPIC ALPS“
  • Photokina 2018 Presentation by Eizo „MADAGASKAR“
  • Sachtler launch the new tripod flowtech 100 world fastest legs my work on Madagascar movie
  • First touch with Canon’s new 600er, Playground EPIC ALPS, more on Photokina
  • Photo exhibition “Eye On The Tiger” London UK
  • Madagascar Photo/Film Expedition Conservation
  • Nature Festival FFB Canon Wildlife Workshop
  • Canon DACH Education program. Headquarter Krefeld „Fotocommunity“
  • Canon DACH Education program. Zentrum für Bildung Zürich/Switzerland
  • Madagascar Photo/Film Expedition Vitec/Sachtler campaign Rainforest
  • German TV WDR portrait wildlifephotographer Thorsten Milse, movie
  • Photo exhibition POLAR WORLD in Restaurant & Hotel Westhoff
  • POLAR WORLD Photo exhibition 
  • Adobe Stock Advocacy Program
  • CANON Fotowettbewerb c/o Kenya Tourism Board Winners Photo Safari Masai Mara
  • Canon 4K Seminare Photo+Adventure Duisburg Einblicke aus Südamerika
  • Canon AF Performance Workshop/Seminar KV Baden Education Institute
  • Canon-Diamir Fotoworkshop Helgoland April
  • CANON Fotowettbewerb c/o Kenya Tourism Board Masai Mara Fotoreise
  • Fotoreise Congo Berggorillas & Schimpansen & Goldmeerkatzen
  • Fotoreise MASAI MARA Schwerpunkt Raubkatzen
  • Canon AF Performance Workshop/Seminar KV Baden
  • Photo Winter Tour JAPAN Riesenseeadler, Singschwan, Mandschurenkranich und Schneeaffe
  • Digital Event Baden/Swiss Canon 4K presentation „Magic Moments“ in South America
  • Canon AF Performance Workshop/Seminar KV Baden
  • „Photokina 2016“ presentation special large format HDbook „LIVING PLANET“
  • „Photokina 2016“ presentation NEW Quick Color Match EIZO Color Edge & Canon PRO Printer
  • „Photokina 2016“ SACHTLER presentation „MAGIC MOMENTS“
  • „Canon Workshop June“ Austria/Grossglockner Marmot & Ibex
  • „GEO magazine“ The Ghost of the mountain Snow Leopard/WWF Project
  • „Nature in Focus“ Canon Fotoworkshop FFB Naturfototage
  • „DIAMIR Fotoreise“ Canon Fotoworkshop Helgoland
  • „Snow Leopard“ Photostory Terre Sauvage
  • Amazon Adventure„making of in the jungle“
    1. catch the wild
    2. share the wild
    3. focus on wildlife
  • Canon Photo Workshop Murmeltiere am Grossglockner
  • Sachtler tripods, fluid heads Amazon jungle Sachtler
  • „Amazon jungle case“ for drone & beetle cam Pelicase 1610, infos here
  • Feature about my office work Professional Photography
  • Photo Exhibition National Museum USA-Washington/Nature’s Best 20 years of winning photographs
  • Photo + Adventure in Vienna/Austria
  • Canon Austria: Photo/4k movie „South America“ seminars/presentations WWF Project Snow Leopard infos here
  • Presentation photo/4k video Sachtler/Vitec Group Birdfair UK Rutland,
  • Canon, Phototrip Canon EOS 5DS Spain/Gibraltar
  • Toshiba Memory Cards + Sachtler, making of movie: here
  • „Glanzlichter 2015“ Photo Competition Jury: Mara Fuhrmann, Sepp Friedhuber, Thorsten Milse
  • Canon Tierfotografie Foto-Workshop FFB
  • Toshiba Cards + Sachtler Tripod Phototrip Andalusia New Canon EOS 5DS
  • Foto-Video Workshop Helgoland DIAMIR und Canon
  • Africa Kenya Phototour DIAMIR Canon Amboseli Elephants
  • National Wildlife magazine Ranger Rick Kangaroo story
  • GEO online presents „Little Polar bears“
  • Sachtler Case study Canon 4k and Sachtler
  • Sachtler/Vitec Group Movie „South America: here
  • Canon Technic report EOS-7D Mark II
  • New Canon Portfolio
  • Africa – Botswana/South Africa Canon Phototour
  • Photokina Presentation Art of South America Canon EOS-1D C 4k and Sachtler
  • Photokina Canon EOS-7D MarkII „White Lion’s and Tiger’s“
  • Stern presents Open-Air Exhibition Hamburg Sept 5th – Nov 6th 2014
  • GEO presents Photo Exhibition Overseas Boulevard Hamburg
  • Open-Art photo exhibition „Dem Sturm Ins Auge Schauen“ Hamburg overseas boulevard with WWF
  • Naturfototage FFB presentation POLAR WORLD
  • POLAR WORLD exhibitionNaturfototage FFB
  • WWF & Canon campaign Tiger, more information: here
  • Video “A cheerful day with Anouk” Canon Legria mini here
  • Canon Pro IG Event Zürich/Switzerland Iceland/wildlife ibex/elephants with 200 – 400 mm
  • Technical seminar Vitec Group/Sachtler with Canon
  • New Arctic/Antarctic Calendar 2014
  • Canon Pro IG Show, Berlin, Köln, Frankfurt, München, Stuttgart – Iceland, Chamonix-ibex, Amboseli-elephants, Canon 200-400mm/f 4 L 
  • AC-Foto: Canon Fotoworkshops
  • Canon presents my work La Gomera & Neusiedler See here
  • Canon’s new Telezoom 200-400mm/f 4 L 
  • „Nature in Focus“ FFB Canon Workshop
  • Canon Seminar, Workshop Presentation PCP Tour
  • Photoworkshops Tierfotografie AC-Foto und Canon
  • GEO International published my photo story Emperor penguins in 15 countries worldwide
  • Norddeutsche Naturfototage Workshop, Seminar und Vortrag
  • GEO and Canon present exhibition POLAR WORLD in Moscow in the famous shopping mall GUM, present on Russian TV
  • GEO presents my book POLAR WORLD
  • Tischkalender/Desk calendar „Kleine Tiere ganz groß“
  • Exclusiv Photo Tours Africa Botswana & South Africa
  • Photokina Canon Ambassador exhibition & presentations
  • Canon Fotoworkshop Wildlife
  • WWF Global Arctic Photo project „Last Ice Area“ here
  • POLAR WORLD Kalender 2013 DUMONT Verlag 
  • Horizonte Photofestival Canon seminar “Polar World“ with EOS 5D Mark III
  • Canon Photo Safari -Workshop
  • Canon Photoworkshop „Nature in Focus“Glanzlichter in Fürstenfeldbruck/Munich
  • Canon Photoworkshop Wildlife presentation POLAR WORLD
  • GEO Int. presents exhibition POLAR WORLD in Moscow Airport Scheremetyevo February 17th – March 30th
  • Mundologia Festival Freiburg Konzerthaus POLAR WORLD exhibition Canon Seminars about my work at the Poles
  • Photo exhibition POLAR WORLD in Freiburg Zentrum Oberwiehre
  • Lufthansa magazine 01/2012 presents POLAR WORLD
  • GEO magazine presents POLAR WORLD here
  • Naturblick magazine  12/2011 Photostory POLAR WORLD 
  • New Fine Art Prints POLAR WORLD are available for purchase Fine Art Prints behind the anti-reflection Museums-glas
  • Magazine Digit 05/2011 presents my exhibition POLAR WORLD Fine Art Prints
  • Canon presents POLAR WORLD
  • Stern presents my new book POLAR WORLD
  • T-online presents the book POLAR WORLD
  • The exhibition Polar World in Hamburg is opened
  • Photo exhibition POLAR WORLD Europapassage in Hamburg  November 9th – November 19th
  • New project POLAR WORLD
  • Exhibition Polar World in Berlin
  • The book Polar World 1st place at International Photography Awards “Nature Book” here
  • IFA in Berlin my project POLAR WORLD
  • Canon Shooting African Wildlife with the EF Mark III extenders
  • Terre Sauvage magazine 08/2011 Photostory about POLAR WORLD
  • dforum Photofestival wildlife presentation 
  • New book out now “Skeleton Coast”- Africa’s Last Wilderness, Random House Struik
  • Canon presentation “Afrikas letzte Wildnis” on 21th and 22th May in Cologne
  • Internationale Naturfototage “Nature in Focus” Canon Fotoworkshop wildlife in Fürstenfeldbruck Mai 2011
  • Canon Professional Imaging wildlife presentation on 14th/15th March in Nieuwegein NL
  • Canon sponsors Ambassadors exhibition at Getty Images Gallery London from 14 February until 12 March 2011
  • Stern presents my book „Afrikas letzte Wildnis“
  • GEO presents my book „Afrikas letzte Wildnis“ here
  • Terre Sauvage China 02.2011 photostory Namibia Skeleton Coast
  • Fotografica Canon wildlife presentation with Thorsten Milse on November in Milano
  • Canon wildlife presentation and shooting with Thorsten Milse on October 30th/31th in Vienna
  • Canon wildlife seminars with Thorsten Milse on October 26th/27th in London
  • Terre Sauvage magazin 10/2010 photostory Namibias Skeleton Coast
  • Canon presents „wildlife seminars“ about the new Canon telephoto lenses on September 24th, 25th and 26th
  • Newsweek magazine June 2010 Thorsten Milse: True To His Vision
  • Canon Pixma 9500 Mark II advertising
  • Canon ATL advertising Canon MK IV “Balinese long-tailed macaque” 
  • Lufthansa magazine 05/2010 presents my book „Afrikas letzte Wildnis“
  • Thorsten Milse blogs on shooting wildlife with the Canon EOS-1 D Mark IV
  • Fotofestival 2010 am 29. Mai in Stuttgart presentation/wildlifephotography
  • Glanzlichter Internationale Naturfototage Canon Fotoworkshop Tierfotografie in Fürstenfeldbruck Mai 2010
  • Digital Camera magazine “Namibias Skeleton Coast” Interview 
  • T-online Augenblicke presents new book “Afrikas letzte Wildnis”
  • fotocommunity presents my new book and my work
  • New book is out now „Afrikas letzte Wildnis“ Namibias Skelettküste
  • The book only in India „The Eyes of the Jungle“
  • New Polar Bear Calendar 2010 Bruckmann Publishing
  • Photo Digital Event Schweiz/Baden November 2009
  • GEOlino Extra „Pferde“ 20/2009
  • Terre Sauvage magazine 06/2009 published a photostory Animal babies
  • GEO magazine Germany 05/2009 published a photostory „Kangaroos“
  • Fotofestival Presentation wildlifephotography
  • Glanzlichter Internationale Naturfototage Canon Fotoworkshop Tierfotografie in Fürstenfeldbruck  Mai 2009
  • GEO presents Kangaroos
  • BBC Wildlife magazine 01/2009
  • GEO presents “Tierkinder der Wildnis” here
  • presents „Tierkinder“
  • Photo Exhibition Canon gettyimages gallery, London
  • Hapag Lloyd Cruise Ship Expedition Antarctic/South Georgia
    Photoleader: Thorsten Milse/Canon
  • GEO presents the new book:„Die Augen des Dschungels“ here
  • Stern presents the new book: „Die Augen des Dschungels“
  • New book out now Die Augen des Dschungels / The Eyes of the Jungle
  • Hapag Lloyd Cruise Ship Expedition Antarctic/Sub-Antarctic 2009 Canon Workshop
  • Canon’s New Ambassador Programme selects top photographer from the world
  • BBC Wildlife magazine 09/2008 published a photostory about Kangaroos
  • New calendars for 2009 Bruckmann photographer Thorsten Milse
  • PHOTOGRAPHIE magazine 03/2008 published a story Thorsten Milse
  • GEO International 03/2008 published a photostory about Grey Kangaroos in 8 countries
  • GEOlino extra 03/2008 published a story Wildlifephotographer
  • The book „Little Polar Bears“ to the movie „Knut und seine Freunde“
  • VIVA magazine 02/2008 article about the polar bear cubs
  • BBC Wildlife magazine 12/2007 article „Emperor penguins“
  • Bild Zeitung Dec. 2007 presents „Emperor penguins“
  • Hapag Lloyd Cruise Ship Expedition Spitzbergen/Greenland July Photoleader: Thorsten Milse
  • Stern presents the new book: „Tierkinder der Wildnis“ / “Growing up Wild“
  • Bild Zeitung presents the book:„Tierkinder der Wildnis“ / “Growing up Wild“
  • GEO presents the new book: „Tierkinder der Wildnis“/“Growing up Wild“ more Information:
  • Alfred-Wegener-Institut in Bremerhaven Special Day for the International Polar Year, Show „Little Polar Bears“
  • The book „Little Polar Bears“ Thorsten Milse German TV and 3 sat Kulturzeit, movie: here
  • Canon EOS Magic Moments Colorshots Magazin Thorsten Milse
  • Stern presents Photostory „Little Polar Bears“ Bedrohtes Idyll im Eis
  • Bucher Verlag published Postcard calendar and a wall calendar Little Polar Bears for 2008
  • Thorsten Milse & Little Polar Bears on the German TV Stern TV movie: here
  • Greek BBC Wildlife Magazine 2007 published Little Polar Bears
  • A book International Polar Year „Little Polar Bears“ & “Kleine Eisbären“
  • Illustreret Videnskab Scandinavian magazine Best Reportage Photostory „Polar bear cubs“
  • 2006 “Best reportage Photographer Of The Year”
  • Hapag-Lloyd Cruise-ship Expedition Canadian Arctic/Greenland 2007 Photoleader: Thorsten Milse
  • New Postcards Portfolio Thorsten Milse 18 images
  • GEO presents “Kleine Eisbären” photo story here
  • BBC Wildlife Magazine 12/2006 Indian Tiger
  • GEO Spain 11/2006 published a photostory about polar bear cubs
  • GEO International 10/2006 published a photostory Polar bear cubs in 7 countries
  • MANKIND AND NATURE magazine China 10/2006 article about Tigers
  • Portfolio of the month Photographer Thorsten Milse
  • Illustreret Videnskab Scandinavian magazine 07/2006 article about Polar bear cubs
  • MANKIND AND NATURE magazine China 07/2006 article about Polar bear cubs
  • Nature’s Best magazine 2006 article about Polar bear cubs
  • GEO Italy magazine 07/2006 article about Indian Tigers
  • GEO Italy magazine 04/2006 article about the Polar bear cubs
  • GEO Germany magazine 02/2006 article about the Polar bear cubs
  • An interview about Polar bears in the German TV channel WDR, movie: here
  • BBC Wildlife magazine 12/2005 article about the Polar bear cubs
  • GEOLINO magazine 12/2005 article about Polar bear cubs
  • BBC Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2005 Category Animal Behaviour: Mammals
  • Nature’s Best Photo Competition 2005 „Grand Prize Winner“
  • „NEW“ Panorama Postcards with my animal photos by Funorama publishing company
  • European Naturephotographer Of The Year 2005 Category Different Animals
  • Photo Competition, Glanzlichter 2005 The world of mammals
  • TV Hören & Sehen 02/2005
  • Naturblick 01/2005/Australia
  • Terra 01/2005/Botswana
  • Naturblick 04/2004 article NIK software
  • Nature’s Best Photography Award Wildlife 2004
  • Naturblick 03/2004 article NIK software
  • Naturblick 02/2004/Cape Gannet
  • Photo Exhibition „The World Of Cats“ Thorsten Milse, Nature Museum in Osnabrück
  • Workshop Helgoland Sponsoring Canon
  • Photo Exhibition „Africas last wilderness“ Nature Museum in Osnabrück
  • Helgoland Report „Naturfoto May 2003“
  • Photo Exhibition 2003 „Africas last wilderness“
  • European Naturephotographer of the year 2002 Endangered Species
  • European Naturphotographer of the year 2001 Endangered Species

Equipment and Partners

Several years he works for some companies: Canon, Sachtler/Videndum P.S:, F-stop, Peli Products and a member in the Adobe Advocacy Program. He holds lectures, workshops, presentations and special photo tours worldwide.


– EOS R3
– EOS R5 + BG-R10
– EOS R5
– RF 35mm f/1,8 IS STM Macro
– RF 600mm f/4,0 L IS USM
– RF 15-35mm f/2,8 L IS USM
– RF 24-70mm f/2,8 L IS USM
– RF 100-300mm f/2,8 L IS USM
– RF Extender 1,4x
– RF Extender 2,0x

Ikelite UW Housing, Dom Port, supplies
DJI Mavic 3 Pro
Canon Speedlite 600 RT
Canon Transmitter ST-E3-RT
Canon Microphone DM-E1
Aputure LED light
Wise Advanced CFexpress & SD cards
Sachtler flowtech 75 tripod
Sachtler aktiv 8 fluid head
Koenig Photo bag 2 waterproof
Small Rig

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